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Tours 2019/20
Rajasthan - 2 - 17 November 2019

Rajasthan, more than any other State in India, brings to life images of the exotic east.  Palaces and forts are scattered like jewels across the mainly desert landscape, bearing silent witness to the once opulent lifestyle of the ruling classes.  At the other end of the spectrum, you will be able to contrast the daily life of the rural communities for whom mere existence is a struggle.  Whilst much of India rushes headlong into the age of technology, most of Rajasthan remains firmly rooted in the 18th century.

This most exotic of Indian states is often called the desert state.  However, only 68% of its vast area is true desert.  The tour is centred on the eastern side of Rajasthan and the Aravali Hills where the land is more fertile with green river valleys and even the occasional lake.  Folk culture is very much alive and evident in the dress of the various tribal groups who add explosions of colour in defiance of their surroundings. The itinerary includes the annual Pushkar Camel and Cattle Fair; plenty of trading, camel fashion, trinket traders, song and dance, which attracts a large gathering of nomadic tribes people.

This is a Grade 2+ tour - see grading information.

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