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Tours 2019/20
How CTC tours are graded

Each tour is graded, so you’ll be able to pick your ideal holiday:

Grade 1 - These tours should be suitable for anyone who enjoys a reasonably active life. The pace is gentle, the terrain is flat to undulating, and daily distances are usually no more than 30 miles (50 km).

Grade 2 - These tours suit people with slightly more cycling experience. The pace is moderate, the terrain may be hillier than grade 1 and daily distances can often go up to 45 miles (70 km).

Grade 3 -  For the regular, reasonably fit, cyclist. The pace is moderate but may include some very hilly terrain or some long distance days, usually no more than 60 miles (100 km).

A 'plus' (+) might be added to any of the above, so:  1+  2+  3+ and this indicates that the pace may be brisker &/or the terrain more challenging &/or the daily distances longer.

An (A) added to the grading indicates an Adventurous Tour. This Tour may include difficult terrain, primitive accommodation, and inadequately charted territory.


Vietnam North - 1 place for lady



Albania - May - full


Albania - June - full


Albania - Sept - full